January 9, 2015 Luke Porter

What Are The Top Social Customer Service Priorities for 2015?

Social media has now evolved into a key customer service channel. Unlike other more traditional contact channels, it sits within the public domain and this provides a unique set of challenges. Social customer service teams need to respond quickly and effectively to manage customer expectations and protect brand reputation.

Here, we list our view of the top six priorities for social customer service:

1) Reducing Noise Into Relevancy

As the sheer volume of brand mentions increases across social media, it is more important than ever to cut through the noise and identify relevant customer service enquiries. Use key words and phrases to try and identify, prioritise and distribute certain types of mentions across a team of social customer service agents.

2) Speed of Response

Customer expectations are higher than ever across social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Depending on the nature of the enquiry, we should be setting up our social customer service teams to respond within an hour to relevant mentions. Make sure you measure relevant KPIs and resource your teams appropriately to deliver on these expectations.

3) Proactive Engagement

Social media provides an opportunity to monitor key conversations about your brand and products. Identify your top influencers and track trending topics so that you can proactively engage in the conversation. Often, this can help you identify customer service issues quickly and resolve them before receiving an influx of negative sentiment and frustrated customer posts.

4) Manage Complaints Effectively

It’s inevitable that brands will receive complaints across social channels. Often, social media can be a channel of last resort, where more traditional channels have failed. This makes it even more important to identify the complaint quickly and respond to the customer with empathy and understanding. Always look to resolve a complaint within private channels, but return to the public domain to ‘close the loop’.

5) Integrate Social within your CRM

To be able to offer effective social customer care, social customer service agents need the same level of access to CRM (and other systems) as they would do for managing more traditional contact channels. We should also be storing all customer ‘conversations’ centrally and tracking the customer journey across all contact channels.

6) Measure Relevant KPIs and Metrics

Clearly, we should be monitoring the volume of social mentions that we receive in real time. But, we should also be tracking the time-to-answer and percentage-responded-to stats so that we can measure our responsiveness more accurately. It’s also now time to capture customer satisfaction across social channels to provide a customer-driven metric that we can benchmark and compare, across channel.

2015 should be the year that we see social customer service not as a nice-to-have, but as an essential customer contact channel, with it’s own unique set of challenges and priorities. Talk to us via the contact form below to discuss your requirements…

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