December 17, 2014 Luke Porter

12 Key Social Media Challenges for the Contact Centre

Over the past 5 years we have seen a revolution in social media, with our customers now demanding customer service across social channels like Twitter and Facebook. More than that, their expectations are high:

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This being the case, we have seen the rise of the social customer service team sitting within the contact centre. But, what are the key challenges for the contact centre and, more importantly, what are the solutions?

1. Who Owns Social

Traditionally ‘owned’ by Marketing and PR, customers are now demanding social customer service. But, how do we wrestle control from marketing?

We must look to define keywords and phrases for each department and route matching mentions to the appropriate team of marketing or customer service agents.

2. Monitoring Multiple Channels

Customers are discussing your brand on social, across multiple channels (not just @mentions). All these conversations are in the public domain!

Get a social monitoring platform that provides real time visibility across all social media channels, including blogs, forums and the full Twitter firehose.

3. Reducing Noise into Relevancy

How do we manage the sheer volume of brand mentions? How do we filter out the social ‘noise’ and identify the key mentions?

Define ‘noise’ and ‘priority’ key words and phrases. Create a workflow to automatically identify, tag, prioritise and assign key mentions.

4. Identifying Top Influencers and Key Customers

Influencers can significantly impact brand reputation. How do we track what they’re saying and how do we prioritise a response to key customers?

Use analytics to identify top influencers, across channel. Create a dynamic table of top influencers and key customers and prioritise your response.

5. Distribute Mentions Effectively

Customer expectations are high on social and speed of response can be critical in the public domain. How do we optimise response times to key mentions?

Prioritise certain ‘types’ of mention and distribute them intelligently across teams and agents. Measure relevant KPIs and resource teams appropriately.

6. How do we Control Agent Engagement?

Social media is in the public domain and we need to protect brand reputation. Social media meltdowns occur… often! How can we control agent engagement?

Define individual agent permissions and implement a supervisor approval loop for all posts and replies. Maintain an audit history for every interaction to provide full accountability.

7. Manage Customer Complaints

It’s inevitable that your brand will receive complaints over social. How do we identify complaints quickly and manage them effectively?

Use keywords to help identify. Follow a defined process, show empathy and switch to private channel, if appropriate. Always look to close out in the public domain.

8. Interact via the Appropriate Channel

How do we choose the right channel to interact with our customers? What if we require personal information or need more than 140 characters?

Wherever possible remain in the public domain. But, where necessary, switch to an alternate channel within the same platform and same team. Track ‘threaded’ conversations.

9. How do we Handle Social Media Spikes?

Social channels are prone to spikes. It could be a campaign or an individual post that goes viral. How do we identify and manage the spike?

Real time visibility is key, tracking ‘buzz’ volume, word clouds and top mentions. Bulk actions can help manage unforeseen spikes and reduce agent queues and workload.

10. How do we Manage Social OOH?

Social media is ‘always on’ and we can’t control when our customers contact us. How do we deal with tweets and posts out-of-hours (OOH)?

Emergence of a core team / overflow model to manage OOH. Overflow agents can be restricted to canned responses. At the very least, use email alerts for key mentions OOH.

11. Tracking the Customer Journey

Often, social media is used as a ‘last resort’, with failures across more traditional channels. How do we track this journey and reduce frustration?

Maintain a social interaction history by customer, with ‘recent customer’ routing. Hook into CRM systems, using an integrated customer table to identify previous interactions, across channel.

12. Measure Relevant KPIs

What are the relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we need to measure social customer service in the contact centre?

Measure the volume of mentions, the time to answer and average handle time. Track resolution codes and the type of interaction, across teams and agents. Measure all of this in real time!

DigiDesk has been built by the contact centre, for the contact centre, to facilitate the delivery of blended, multi-channel social customer service. We provide a single platform to manage customer interactions across social media channels, email and web chat. To see the future of digital social care, check out DigiDesk.

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