March 18, 2015 Luke Porter

The 10 Commandments of Effective Social Media Management

The need for an effective social media management strategy is becoming more and more important for brands. It is now vital that any business provides a credible presence across social channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

But, how do we find relevant content to post and build up a following on Twitter? What are the new rules of engagement in managing your Social profiles? Here, we take a look at 10 best practice tips for social media management:

1. Create a Creditable Profile

Do personalise your profile page, with a nice design, imaging and description of your business.

2. Monitor for Relevant Content

Use a ‘listening tool’ to search for and identify posts that would interest your targeted audience.

3. Build a list of Influencers and Industry Sources

When these guys post, there’s good potential to share independent, best practice news and advice.

4. Regularly Share your own Content

Work on a ratio of around 1 in 10, to promote your own blogs. Don’t be afraid to share older content.

5. Use a Tool to Post Content

It’s much easier to use a publishing tool to create and schedule posts, potentially across multiple profiles.

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